Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Grey Marl Sweatshirt, Skinny Jeans and Converse, Over 40 Menswear

I decided to wear an easy grey sweater, skinny jeans and converse ensemble in this post just to get a basic outfit that we can all put together and wear without turning to formal shirts, etc. The overall affect of this type of outfit can be quite disastrous, (if you grab for your DIY clothing, you know the one, covered in paint and plaster)...

Find a nice sweater that is "brand" free and some current jeans, slip on a pair of your faithful Converse All-Star baseball boots and you too are ready to... (yes I'm going to say it) cut loose, Footloose!!!!>>


Monday, 10 November 2014

V-Neck Fred Perry, Roll-Neck and Sta-Press Trousers, Over 40 Menswear

A v-neck Fred Perry and roll-neck is a really perfect combination, (word on the street is that roll necks are "in" this winter, by the way). Add to that a pair of classic sta-press trousers with a pair of tan derbies (see the purple laces?) and you've got a really comfortable outfit that will see you in good standing through the festive period... maybe with a gin and tonic close by or a pint of Tangle Foot, who knows! >>


Thursday, 6 November 2014

Michael Caine Style Glasses, Knitted Tie and Skinny Jeans, Over 40 Menswear

I've been asked to review these Michael Caine style glasses by Specspost and can honestly say that they are extremely comfortable and (as the name suggests) are styled in the iconic shape that is synonymous with our very own London legend! Normally, I find I have an issue with finding the right frame size to fit me knowing I'll have to wear them most of the day.

In choosing these glasses, the choice of style and sizing was straightforward and easy to follow; these spectacles are a lovely minimalistic shape and feel very masculine. >>

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Rainy Day Menswear | Striped Polo Shirt and Skinny Jeans

Mod style striped shirt, navy raincoat, skinnies and desert boots
I really love this button-through striped polo shirt and the design which is a classic mod-inspired look from the Art Gallery clothing range. It has a really unique appeal, (as does all of their collection) with attention to detail and a real sense of a style from a time when the sixties were swinging and The Who were giving kids a sense of identity! As for me... well, I love the way the shirt works with the skinny jeans and desert boots and the way the raincoat compliments the dark stripes. >>
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