Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A Smart Stylish Alternative to a Suit and Tie, Over 40 Menswear

Smart menswear: Blue blazer \ striped sweater \ grey dress trousers \ brown brogues | Silver Londoner, over 40 style
As you can probably see from the photos it was extremely windy and I had a bad hair day! Always one to persevere, it was definitely time to wear a striped jumper with this nice blue jacket, a pair of grey trousers and brown brogues [similar] to finish off the outfit. I do find brogues the most comfortable shoes to wear anytime (and stylish of course).

I only occasionally put on a striped jumper or patterned top of any sort, I'm just never that taken on the choices that I find but I think this one works well and compliments the jacket. >>

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

How to Style a Vintage Harris Tweed Jacket for the Transitional Season

Smart casual menswear; roll-neck \ grey tweed blazer \ skinny jeans \ tan brogues - Silver Londoner, over 40 menswear
A Harris Tweed jacket and roll neck can really look good when winter's coming to an end but it's still too cold to get out your summer clothes.

This jacket is very easy to style (and looks great accompanied by denim and brogues) and certainly keeps you comfortable and warm. I think the grey-on-grey works well in this outfit. I don't know if any of you recognise what type of gloves I'm wearing, but amazingly they're Austrian police gloves. I found them while looking for standard black gloves on eBay - it's funny where your search can take you and what you end up finding.

My jacket was one of two secondhand ones I bought quite recently (again on eBay) where you'll find an abundance of Harris Tweed at some very reasonable prices. The fabric is such high quality that when you wear it, you just know you're wearing something that has a bit of history.  >>

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Can Men in Their 40s Wear a Baseball Cap Without Looking Scruffy?

How to wear not-too-skinny skinny jeans: Grey wool jacket \ baseball cap \ striped scarf \ desert boots | Silver Londoner, over 40 menswear

This is definitely a dress-down look for me, more "let's go shopping" or "go to the cinema" than planning for a nice meal out in the evening. The jeans and sweatshirt are mainstay items that require no fanfare, the desert boots, jacket and scarf add style.

Then we come to the matter of the baseball cap. >>

Monday, 6 March 2017

Styling a Harrington Jacket Steve McQueen Style

Casual weekend wear for over 40 men: Harrington jacket \ white t-shirt \ grey chinos \ white Converse | Silver Lononder, over 40 menswear blog
This outfit is certainly a simple ensemble - a white t-shirt topped with a Harrington jacket, grey chinos and classic Converse All Stars, it didn't require much in the way of preparation time which is a good thing.

A Harrington jacket and white t-shirt are very 'Steve McQueen style' and the Converse are just as stylish today as they have ever been... a timeless classic it's fair to say. >>

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