Saturday, 7 February 2015

How to Style a Classic Men's Navy Raincoat | Over 40 Smart Casual Menswear

I love the style of a classic raincoat paired with jeans and brogues and a smart gingham shirt. The crew neck sweater is a perfect addition to the look, and complements the coat for an overall smart appearance.

The look I have here draws on the traditional British style icons that I love to emulate. The gingham shirt provides the necessary pattern against the solid feel of the outfit and the brogues add an organic touch. My wife actually said that if she could dress a man, this is how she would want him to dress.


Saturday, 31 January 2015

Sportswear: Fred Perry Top, Converse and Beanie | Over 40 Casual Menswear

Casual Menswear: Fred Perry, Converse and Beanie
For a sportswear look, this Fred Perry tracksuit top, Converse, beanie and gloves is just about perfect when you're out for a bracing stroll and you're looking for a snug yet liberating outfit to wear.

If you've just got to keep it spontaneous but still want to put a twist on what you're wearing (especially in the colder months) I like to embrace some classic items. A Fred Perry is synonymous with British style and sub culture, Converse All-Stars are iconic and look great with anything from suits to beach shorts and the beanie is bloomin' comfy!


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Levi's Sherpa Collar Denim Jacket, Aviators, Beanie | Over 40 Casual Menswear

What could be better than a Levi's sherpa collar denim jacket, aviators and a beanie to confront the chilly winter days that are all too common at the moment? Not a lot really, this is an exceptionally comfortable ensemble and the jacket is top notch. The lining is really thick which is a quality "plus" with the denim, (it IS Levi's after all... whaddya expect, huh). >>

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