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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Styling Casual Brown Chinos, Over 40 Menswear

Casual Menswear: V-neck Jumper \ T-shirt \ Chinos \ Grey Jacket \ Canvas Boots \ Silver Londoner, over 40 style
After the craziness of the weekend that was the UK Blog Awards (at which the wife Not Dressed As Lamb won in the Fashion & Beauty category!), I was happy to swap my smart suit for some casual brown chinos. Huge congratulations to Catherine - third time lucky as they say!

This is a simple casual look that saw me through the weekend. A merino wool v-neck jumper with t-shirt, the chinos and a pair of canvas boots was just what the doctor ordered. I was looking through my wardrobe for something to wear out and it was still chilly enough to leave the summer clothes for now. >>

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Versatile British Tailoring for Workwear and Weekend Wear

British workwear tailoring by Arthur Shirtley: Smart casual menswear outfit \ tweed blazer \ check shirt \ dark wash straight leg jeans \ brown high top brogues | Silver Londoner, over 40 menswear
The idea of workwear is (to some) not worth investing in due to obvious reasons: Why spend a great deal of money on something you only wear at work? Is this investment really necessary?

Both me and the wife (in our first joint photo shoot!) are wearing shirts and blazers gifted to us from Arthur Shirtley, a young British brand specialising in quality workwear. And when I say quality, I mean exactly that: 100% cotton shirts and 100% silk blazers that have been made to an amazingly high standard. I'm wearing the Fitzrovia blazer and the Somerset House Fountains shirt, and Catherine is wearing the Hampstead blazer and the Greenwich Picnic shirt. >>

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Gingham Shirt: A Menswear Wardrobe Essential

Smart Casual Menswear: Gingham Check Shirt \ Cardigan \ Grey Chinos \ Desert Boots \ Silver Londoner, over 40 style
It's been a long road coming out of the winter months but I think we can finally wave goodbye to the cold dark days and look forward to warmer, longer, sunnier days allowing us chaps to wear outfits that express this spring feeling. On this occasion, it seemed fitting to celebrate the change in the seasons with a gingham shirt, a lightweight cardigan and chinos, with desert boots to finish off the outfit. A gingham shirt is one of those wardrobe essentials that I think works for men of all ages - it's eternally stylish. >>

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Layering With a Hoodie to Achieve a Smart Casual Look

A layered smart casual outfit: Striped tie \ dress shirt \ grey cardigan \ grey hoodie \ Harris tweed jacket \ jeans \ grey brogues | Silver Londoner, over 40 menswear

The great thing about layering is its practicality: Depending on the season, the colder it is, the more layers you can generally wear.

Each one has a function and isn't just there for show, you can easily wear a hoodie (like I have here) under a jacket and over a shirt and tie and still pull off a stylish look.

When it's cold like it has been (the cold weather just won't quit), I'd go so far as to wear gloves and a scarf and possibly a hat as well (I seem to be singing "Macho, macho man" in my head now). Of course you know what happens as soon as you step inside, yep all the layers come off and are probably thrown around the floor because it's too hot!

(There's just no pleasing some people is there?!?!)

I'd probably say when it comes to layering, each of your visible pieces should be items that you could easily wear on their own... in other words, you'd be comfortable wearing any of your layering pieces independently of each other. >>

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A Smart Stylish Alternative to a Suit and Tie, Over 40 Menswear

Smart menswear: Blue blazer \ striped sweater \ grey dress trousers \ brown brogues | Silver Londoner, over 40 style
As you can probably see from the photos it was extremely windy and I had a bad hair day! Always one to persevere, it was definitely time to wear a striped jumper with this nice blue jacket, a pair of grey trousers and brown brogues [similar] to finish off the outfit. I do find brogues the most comfortable shoes to wear anytime (and stylish of course).

I only occasionally put on a striped jumper or patterned top of any sort, I'm just never that taken on the choices that I find but I think this one works well and compliments the jacket. >>
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