Monday, 22 December 2014

How to Style a Smart Striped Shirt | With a Polka Dot Tie, Jacket and Jeans

I've been asked to review this Slim Fit shirt by TM Lewin and can honestly say that the quality of the pattern definition and softness of the fabric are of the highest standard. There is a lovely shape to the shirt that is accentuated by the classic collar and the double cuffs (French cuffs) that allow you to display cufflinks to add that extra special touch. I have to say that if I had one shirt in my wardrobe, it would have to be this one, it's absolutely exquisite! >>


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Menswear: Peacoat, Denim Jacket and Brogues

I'm sure most men love the look of a peacoat, denim jacket and brogues. There's something so cool about it that we all aspire to the likes of Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando or Jimmy Dean as we turn up that collar and head off in to the chill winter's air... or is it just me! This is the time of year for some serious layering too, so gents take a good look at what's tucked in that wardrobe and see what you can create. >>


Monday, 15 December 2014

Menswear: Button Up Shirt, Chinos, Derbies and Ray-Bans

The great thing about a button up shirt, chinos, derbies and Ray-Bans here is the unstructured look to this outfit. I started out with a slim-fit tie as well, but it wasn't how I was feeling about the look I wanted.. so I ditched the tie and there you have it. It's more relaxed and not particularly taxing to put together. The blue of the shirt helps steer this away from a more formal look and all I can say about the Ray-Ban Clubmasters is a true classic accessory. >>


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

How to Wear a Fair Isle Cardigan | Over 40 Smart Casual Menswear

My Fair Isle cardigan and check shirt with a pair of jeans really makes me feel that the colder months are on their way! The great thing about this cardi is that it doesn't scream CHRISTMAS ONLY at you when you wear it. Thankfully, the design is abstract enough so that you can just grab it and go and it lends itself as a layer to just about any casual ensemble. >>


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Grey Marl Sweatshirt, Skinny Jeans and Converse, Over 40 Menswear

I decided to wear an easy grey sweater, skinny jeans and converse ensemble in this post just to get a basic outfit that we can all put together and wear without turning to formal shirts, etc. The overall affect of this type of outfit can be quite disastrous, (if you grab for your DIY clothing, you know the one, covered in paint and plaster)...

Find a nice sweater that is "brand" free and some current jeans, slip on a pair of your faithful Converse All-Star baseball boots and you too are ready to... (yes I'm going to say it) cut loose, Footloose!!!!>>


Monday, 10 November 2014

V-Neck Fred Perry, Roll-Neck and Sta-Press Trousers, Over 40 Menswear

A v-neck Fred Perry and roll-neck is a really perfect combination, (word on the street is that roll necks are "in" this winter, by the way). Add to that a pair of classic sta-press trousers with a pair of tan derbies (see the purple laces?) and you've got a really comfortable outfit that will see you in good standing through the festive period... maybe with a gin and tonic close by or a pint of Tangle Foot, who knows! >>


Thursday, 6 November 2014

Michael Caine Style Glasses, Knitted Tie and Skinny Jeans, Over 40 Menswear

I've been asked to review these Michael Caine style glasses by Specspost and can honestly say that they are extremely comfortable and (as the name suggests) are styled in the iconic shape that is synonymous with our very own London legend! Normally, I find I have an issue with finding the right frame size to fit me knowing I'll have to wear them most of the day.

In choosing these glasses, the choice of style and sizing was straightforward and easy to follow; these spectacles are a lovely minimalistic shape and feel very masculine. >>

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Rainy Day Menswear | Striped Polo Shirt and Skinny Jeans

Mod style striped shirt, navy raincoat, skinnies and desert boots
I really love this button-through striped polo shirt and the design which is a classic mod-inspired look from the Art Gallery clothing range. It has a really unique appeal, (as does all of their collection) with attention to detail and a real sense of a style from a time when the sixties were swinging and The Who were giving kids a sense of identity! As for me... well, I love the way the shirt works with the skinny jeans and desert boots and the way the raincoat compliments the dark stripes. >>

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Classic Levi Jacket and Striped Sweater, Over 40 Menswear

Denim jacket, striped sweater - casual menswear
I've always liked the cut of a classic Levi jacket and paired with this striped sweater, you have the perfect combination of old and new styled together. The denim is great for layering (as you shall see in posts to come I'm sure), as well as on its own as a jacket without being accessorised. >>

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Chinos and Leather Jacket With Fake Hoodie

Menswear: Grey marl hoodie and leather jacket
This is the first outing for my leather jacket and gloves this side of the summer. The secret of this jacket is in the hood - it's removable, which gives the illusion of a hoodie without the extra layer underneath. It's a great concept and this is a great jacket. >>

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Baker Boy Hat and Dark Denim Menswear

Dark denim shirt, grey trousers, baker boy hat \ over 40 menswear
The thing is... I like hats. Unlike most other accessories you can incorporate into an outfit, plopping a titfer (which means "tit-for-tat" - cockney rhyming slang for hat) on your head can be the difference between cool and stylish or "Why exactly did I bother dressing today?!"

I've got a pretty big head (so my wife keeps telling me), so hats don't always work for me but I persevere nonetheless, just out of sheer determination to find one that is... perfect. Some blokes can put on anything even vaguely hat-like and carry off the look just fine. >>

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Smart Weekend Style | Blazer and Jeans

Last weekend I thought I'd wear my favourite jeans again - this time with a smart blazer and shirt combo. The pre-requisite pocket square says "dapper"; this one is from recently-launched brand The Hanky Chief. A pocket square is the perfect finishing touch to a blazer and they're one of my favourite accessories (I'm slowly building up a nice collection). >>


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Over 40 Menswear | Double Denim With Desert Boots

Double denim menswear with desert boots
Double denim: These two words used in conjunction conjure up a multitude of imaginative menswear outfits... (mostly revolving around faded denim and a mullet, for those of us who are old enough to remember the eighties!). But guess what, it doesn't have to be that way, what about some nice dark blue jeans and a long over-shirt?

So let's be thankful to the power and awesomeness of "double denim", top it off with a pair of desert boots and... voila! I give you a considerable improvement on this eighties sinful creation. >>

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Blue Reiss Suit, Orange Tie and Matching Pocket Square

Hi there everyone.

Today I've decided to push the boat out with this blue Reiss suit, orange tie and matching pocket square with brogues. It has to be said that you get what you pay for and, well... this suit is so comfortable and well made, it's certainly worth investing in "the one" that will make you look absolutely bang on trend AND turn heads!

My flagrant use of orange is also a bold move that really stands out against the dark suit, as is the flash of the same colour in my socks... it's all about orange here, isn't it? >>

Monday, 6 October 2014

Preppy Style for the 40 Something Gent

Over 40 Menswear: shirt, tie and v-neck sweater
Hello again!

A preppy style is great if you want to incorporate a tie and shirt with the ever reliable v-neck sweater. This look is one I often use for a nice evening out or a celebration of some kind.

Depending on how much I end up eating and drinking I find I can ditch the tie at some stage (normally when I'm about to burst). You can then undo your top shirt button and maintain an air of respectability. >>

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Smart Casual Blazer, Sweater and Chinos | Over 40 Menswear

Smart casual menswear: grey blazer, brown chinos, pale blue sweater
Hi all, we've been spoilt in Blighty with the weather in the latter part of this summer. This has led me to sporting a more relaxed approach to my attire, as in the post here. A really smart casual blazer does add a nice touch  - but choose wisely, a badly fitting one looks every bit as if you've borrowed your dad's and he's twice your size... yikes!! >>

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Two Tone Mod Suit and Ben Sherman Shirt

Hi all, I just want to put it out there - I love this suit! These photos are actually what inspired me to start my blog, as they first appeared on my wife's style blog Not Dressed As Lamb in May this year. She was asked if she wanted to do something a bit different from her normal posts of styling her own everyday outfits to help inspire women of 40+ (does that sound like a certain over 40 male blogger?) and instead, style her husband in a suit and shirt. Of course I jumped at the chance!

The suit is a throwback to the classic British mod style ever-present in the Swinging Sixties, which was known for its fantastic fashion statements. I felt really comfortable wearing this two-tone suit, and the beautiful Ben Sherman shirt was quality personified. I gave it a modern twist with brogues and a flash of red (socks), which completed a really nice look for a smart evening out. >>

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Casual Menswear | Shirt, Slim Tie and Levi's 501s

Over 40 menswear: Casual shirt and tie with jeans and Converse
Hi all, this outfit is an easy one for me.

If it's a quick trip out to the shops to pick up some provisions, it's the perfect opportunity to throw on an easy fit casual shirt and slim tie... rummage around a bit more in the wardrobe and you'll probably find that pair of 501's you know you've got and bingo!!

A belt with a trim of colour really adds interest and a pair of classic Converse completes the look. It's probably fair to say that this is such an easy style to put together and yet it still says "hellooo, trying to be smart here." >>

Monday, 15 September 2014

Classic Menswear | Fred Perry Shirt and Grey Brogues

Dark denim shirt, grey trousers, baker boy hat \ over 40 menswear
Classic menswear can be the only description of a Fred Perry and the ever-so-faultless pair of brogues! So whilst we bid fare thee well to a "not too shabby" summer, it seems fitting to kick back in a pair of two-tone brogues and put on this short sleeve British icon one more time before we all wrap up under layers of knitwear, tweed, jumpers and peacoats... at this point, folks in places such as California probably think I'm talking crazy! >>

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Late Summer Outfit - Check Shirt and Cardigan

As we bid farewell to another summer in Blighty, the last golden rays of the setting sun succumb to the chill of the evening, it seemed fitting to throw on a couple of layers and stretch my legs for a walk across this green and pleasant land... did I forget to mention the sound of machine gun fire from the marine training camp about half a mile away????? (Peace and quiet well and truly shattered!!) >>


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Ben Sherman Gingham Shirt and a Harrington Jacket

I really wanted to get this outfit on the blog and that's why "outfit post number 2" is a classic look for most Brits. The Ben Sherman gingham shirt and Harrington jacket encompass a timeless look that can be reinvented for a new generation of  "too cool for school" types... or just old geezers like myself who still have these items in their wardrobes after... ahem... several years. >>


Sunday, 31 August 2014

Welcome to Silver Londoner - My First Post

Menswear: Blue blazer, grey trousers, tan brogues
Hi there, my name is Keith and I'm a British blogger born in the great city of London, (as I write this, I can't get the image of Oliver Twist out of my head....that is definitely NOT me)!

This is a sojourn in to my personal style, where I shall be endeavouring to post those things that make me feel good about myself. Why go to all the trouble? Well, I've found that as I move forever onwards through my forties, I want to wear "nice" clothes more and more. >>
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