Monday 15 December 2014

Menswear: Button Up Shirt, Chinos, Derbies and Ray-Bans

The great thing about a button up shirt, chinos, derbies and Ray-Bans here is the unstructured look to this outfit. I started out with a slim-fit tie as well, but it wasn't how I was feeling about the look I wanted.. so I ditched the tie and there you have it. It's more relaxed and not particularly taxing to put together. The blue of the shirt helps steer this away from a more formal look and all I can say about the Ray-Ban Clubmasters is a true classic accessory. >>

The belt and derbies are deliberately understated so not to overpower the ensemble but the laces and socks are there to catch the eye... very sneaky sneaky!!

I love taking a formal look and deconstructing it to make it more urban, do you have something that would normally be worn for work or special occasions that you put a spin on? Let me know...

Button up shirt, Chinos and Ray-Bans
Button up shirt, Chinos, Derbies and Ray-Bans
Button up shirt and Ray-Bans
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Shirt: Marks & Spencer
Chinos: Red Herring at Debenhams
Shoes: Asos
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Clubmaster
Photos: Not Lamb



  1. Sneaaaky sneaaaky! :D I love this ensemble, very casual and the beard makes it hardcore!

    1. Hey Keit, It's very simple to be sure, but works.
      I must say, I'm happy to be sporting the beard for as long as possible, it does make me want to go and wrestle bears seeing as I look a bit like a wild man of the forest!!


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