Saturday 20 September 2014

Casual Menswear | Shirt, Slim Tie and Levi's 501s

Over 40 menswear: Casual shirt and tie with jeans and Converse
Hi all, this outfit is an easy one for me.

If it's a quick trip out to the shops to pick up some provisions, it's the perfect opportunity to throw on an easy fit casual shirt and slim tie... rummage around a bit more in the wardrobe and you'll probably find that pair of 501's you know you've got and bingo!!

A belt with a trim of colour really adds interest and a pair of classic Converse completes the look. It's probably fair to say that this is such an easy style to put together and yet it still says "hellooo, trying to be smart here." >>

Suffice to say, the trip out for provisions resulted in mostly buying chocolate and I did manage to drop a chunk of chicken burger in my lap in the restaurant... hey ho, life is an adventure and I DID manage to dress for the occasion!

Have you had an encounter in a restaurant where most of your meal ended up somewhere other than it's intended destination?? Let me know here...

Over 40 menswear: Casual shirt and tie with jeans
Over 40 menswear: Casual shirt and tie with jeans
Over 40 menswear: Casual shirt and tie with jeans
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Shirt: Marks & Spencer
Slim Tie: Red Herring at Debenhams
Jeans: Levi's 501
Belt: Ben Sherman (see their current collection here)
Boots: Converse All Stars
Sunglasses: Red Herring at Debenhams
Watch: Infinite at Debenhams

Photos: Not Lamb



  1. There's nothing like a good comfortable pair of jeans I always say Keith. And I really dig the tie with your 501's accompanied along with that great looking Marks and Spencer's collared grey shirt.

    You don't see a tie and jeans that often and you played that off really nicely. Great looking belt as well and I really like how the white stripe in the belt compliments the white sneakers. The orange stripe adds that last little "POP" your attire requires. I'd definitely give this outfit "a thumbs up" without hesitation.

    1. Hey Robin, you're right about comfy jeans. This is one piece of clothing every man should have.

      I must tell you, I was really pleased with the tie working with the jeans, I wasn't too sure at first but you know, when you put it together it either feels right or ....back to the drawing board we go!!

      I was pretty lucky with the belt, it's the only one I have that isn't brown or black so it worked really well in splitting up the outfit.

      Yep, this is a nice easy "put together" that any bloke could wear and look good in, honest!

      Thanks for the thumbs up, even with a burger disaster....I liked it too!!


  2. Looking bloody good, jealous makingly good. I will plug your blog a bit as there are very few -straight guy- blogs for men. You can inspire them.
    Wishing you lots of success.

    1. Wow Greetje, you are too kind!

      You know, I haven't found which direction I want to take the blog yet, but it is naturally following a certain pattern.

      I've had nothing but great comments and positive feedback from everyone, (especially Catherine's friends) so I'm loving it all. I do seem to be spending most of my time on my phone now which never used to happen....that's part of it all I guess.

      Here's to many more outfit posts and always looking moody (I can't help it!!)

      Thanks for your sincere encouragement


  3. Keith, finally I made it over here and I am so glad you started blogging!
    Most men's blogs either show the very young, trendy and cool looks or are a bit too traditional (upper class country style) and not really compatible with daily life.
    I love your mix of a classic style with a modern twist and I really look forward to your future posts (actually since Catherine showed your first photos on her blog)

    Wishing you lots of success which I am sure you will have!
    Have a nice week,
    Annette | Lady of Style

    1. Thank you Annette, I really appreciate what you've said here. I too have noticed a very generic "men's" look whilst viewing other blogs. I certainly haven't seen too many daily life posts and that is the whole point of it for me.

      Not to say that a suit won't appear here now and again, but I think the direction the blog is going will be more attuned to the..."MEN, rummage in your own these items already" look...if that makes sense!

      I hope that you come back again and let me know what you think, Catherine has some really great friends out there and they have shown me generous encouragement over the past few weeks.

      Thanks again Annette for your kind words,
      Have a great week too!


  4. See?! Now THESE are the kind of "trainers" that work so well with a casual outfit, dear Keith!! Waaay sharper than the athletic shoes Robin's been living in lately!! Keep the gentlemen's style inspiration coming...I'm counting on you!! P.S. I NEVER get a dinner medal...that would be my hubby's department!! ;)

    1. I bet Robin is a great cook!
      Of course, now the weather is turning a bit chilly I can start making big "hearty" casseroles and stews...lovely!

      Once again Monika, you've made a very good observation regarding my footwear.
      I too have "everyday trainers" at home but, as with the case of this outfit, if I'm making an effort to create some style you can ONLY really add a classic Adidas or, as in this case, Converse.
      I think anything else would look...really awful!

      Now, I'm not being a "snob" here, I just believe that if you're going to make an effort, you shouldn't neglect what you put on your feet.

      I think it's fair to say that most women will look at what a man is wearing on his feet, I know this isn't going to tell them too much about the person behind the footwear but, it is a bit of a "signature" if you will.

      Thank you again Monika for your comments, gotta dash or I'll be late for work!!!!


  5. Thanks Arden, you know you can't go wrong with a pair of classic 501's.
    There are some items of clothing that never go out of fashion and I guess denim is one of them!

    Have a great week



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