Thursday 23 October 2014

Baker Boy Hat and Dark Denim Menswear

Dark denim shirt, grey trousers, baker boy hat \ over 40 menswear
The thing is... I like hats. Unlike most other accessories you can incorporate into an outfit, plopping a titfer (which means "tit-for-tat" - cockney rhyming slang for hat) on your head can be the difference between cool and stylish or "Why exactly did I bother dressing today?!"

I've got a pretty big head (so my wife keeps telling me), so hats don't always work for me but I persevere nonetheless, just out of sheer determination to find one that is... perfect. Some blokes can put on anything even vaguely hat-like and carry off the look just fine. >>

For me, this baker boy hat works really well with the denim shirt and chinos. There's an air of the twenties about the look that I like (just ignore the shades and digital watch and you get the idea)! The essence of a good outfit for me is how each piece compliments the other. This isn't to say that there are rules governing what I just said but, hey... it's about what makes you confident and comfortable, isn't it?

All in all I really quite like this look, shame it's just turned cold and damp in Blighty so I probably won't wear this again until next year... ho-hum, never mind.

So, until we meet again in cyberspace: Cheers!

Do you like hats? If so, what type makes you feel confident enough to combine it with a stylish outfit, let me know in the comments!


Dark denim shirt, grey trousers, baker boy hat
Dark denim shirt, grey trousers, baker boy hat
Dark denim shirt, grey trousers, baker boy hat
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Hat: Debenhams
Shirt: Thrifted (Rocha John Rocha)
Trousers: Red Herring
Shoes: Unknown (old)
Sunglasses: Debenhams
Watch: Jasper Conran

Photos: Not Lamb



  1. I do like baseball caps to create the 'American' look - I love the American 'Preppy' look too.

    I still wear baseball caps but not as often as I used to. They're great for keeping the rain off when wearing spectacles and also for keeping the sun from burning the top of my head. I see you've been fortunate to keep your gorgeous locks Silver Londoner aka Keith 'Rapunzel' Summers ;-)

    After discovering a fantastic small sunscreen spray I haven't been wearing caps as much now-a-days.

    I've noticed a big trend for flat caps at the moment. I may have to invest in one soon as a winter head warming fashion item :-)

    Roger Machin (Roj Fashion & Lifestyle)

    1. Hi Roger.. you know, hats are great especially in the winter. They're an outfit accessory AND they keep your head warm.. YES!

      My advice, get a hat and you'll never look back..

      Have a great weekend


  2. Hahaha, the boyfriend is a fathead too, every single hat looks ridiculous on him! :D I love this one and how it looks on you, reminds me of Sherlock. *_*

    1. Thanks Keit, you see... us blokes with big heads have a hard time finding anything that actually looks half decent to wear on our heads! I wasn't too sure about the Baker-Boy hat because it is quite a distinct style... so for you to say it looks okay makes me feel a bit better about it!

      Have a good weekend



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